Abrasives Association to study silicon carbide enterprises in Ningxia

2019-09-20  355

In order to understand the development of the silicon carbide industry in Ningxia, we will grasp the promotion level of environmental protection of silicon carbide enterprises in Ningxia, and help silicon carbide enterprises to achieve green and healthy development. On April 9-10, 2019, Chen Peng, secretary general of the Abrasives and Abrasives Branch of China Machine Tool Industry Association, and Zhou Jinlong, a consultant, went to conduct on-the-spot investigation activities in Ningxia of northwest silicon carbide smelting.

On the evening of the August 8th, Secretary-General Chen and his entourage arrived in Yinchuan, the capital of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region were warmly welcomed by Ma Aiqing, Secretary General of Ningxia Silicon Carbide Association. Accompanied by Secretary-General Ma for the next two days, he successively investigated Ningxia Xingertai Chemical Group Co., Ltd., Ningxia Yulong Metallurgical Products Co., Ltd., Ningxia Hexing Carbon-based Materials Co., Ltd., Pingluo Rongchang Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd., Pingluo County Binhe Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd. and other enterprises.

On the morning of the 9th, Secretary-General Chen and his entourage set off to the Zhongning area to investigate Ningxia Xingertai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. and Ningxia Yulong Metallurgical Products Co., Ltd.

In Xingertai, Chairman Li Xingyuan, Deputy General Manager Li Xiangrong, and Office Director Wu Yi and so on warmly received Secretary Chen and his team.Ningxia Xingertai Chemical Group Co., Ltd. is a “cycle economy pilot enterprise” in the autonomous region. The company has 7 subsidiaries, which are involved in chemical, engineering, electric power, transportation and other fields. Silicon carbide is an important part of the company. In the early stage, the company has an orderly and highly regarded plan. The company has four production lines of 30000KVA, each of which has an investment of 50 million yuan. Each production line has six smelting furnaces, which are currently in production. In terms of environmental protection measures, the company first adopted anthracite smelting to reduce sulphide emissions. In terms of technology, the mobile hood is used to collect exhaust gas for power generation, which can effectively save smelting costs to progress steadily.

In Yulong, Chairman Wan Yongli and General Manager Zhou Yi accompanied Chen and his team to investigate the company. It is understood that under the pressure of environmental protection, Yulong has invested 27 million in environmental protection, using the factory, closed furnace, Fan dust extraction, desulfurization treatment and other methods to solve the problem of unorganized emissions of exhaust gas, and achieved certain results, while the calcium sulfate produced by the desulfurization reaction can be sold as industrial raw materials, with certain economic value.

On the afternoon of the 9th, Secretary-General Chen rushed to Ningxia Hexing Carbon-based Materials Co., Ltd., located in Wuzhong, and was warmly welcomed by Gu Xu, the general manager of the company. Ningxia Hexing is a silicon carbide production enterprise integrating smelting and deep processing. It has complete processing equipment such as Barmac, Raymond mill, jet mill and air classifier, which realizes the subdivision of products. According to Mr. Gu, the company invested 70 million yuan last year to upgrade the company's environmental protection, stamping the plant and the furnace cover, using negative pressure dust extraction method, and extracting the smelting waste gas through more than 20 air outlets for dust.Removal,desulfurization purification and other processes have achieved emission standards.

On the 10th, Secretary-General Chen and his entourage came to Pingluo County, Shizuishan City, and investigated Pingluo Rongchang Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd. and Heping County Binhe Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd.

In Rongchang, Zhou Jinrong,general manager, introduced to Secretary-General Chen that the company has been exposed since the last year because of environmental protection and non-compliance, and smelting has been shut down. During this period, the company has been actively contacting the environmental protection design unit and seeking solutions in light of its actual situation. At present, the design plan for environmental protection rectification has been determined. The project is expected to invest 30 million yuan, and the construction period is three months.Desulfurization and purification methods solve the problem of unorganized emissions of exhaust gas. Mr. Zhou said to us that the company has suffered a big loss in the past because of its emphasis on environmental protection. Now it has fully realized the seriousness of environmental protection, and will definitely actively invest and vigorously rectify it to achieve emission standards.

In Binhe, Zhang Haibo, president of Ningxia Silicon Carbide Association and chairman of Pingluo Binhe Carbonized Silicon Co., Ltd., accompanied the directors, Huo Shuhong and Li Jianjun, to inspect the company. On the spot, Mr. Zhang introduced to Secretary Chen that the riverfront was in environmental protection. The furnace wall is covered, the fireproof cloth is used to seal the furnace body, and the wet operation is carried out. During the smelting process, the vacuum is pumped at the bottom, and the gas is transported to the cement plant for recycling.

Subsequently, the deputy secretary of the Pingluo County Party Committee, the county magistrate Ma Lifang, the Pingluo County Bureau of Industry and Information Technology and the head of the environmental squadron, Zhang Haibo, Ningxia Jinglong Ding Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd., Pingluo Rongchang Silicon Carbide Co., Ltd., etc. The representative exchanged views with Secretary-General Chen and his team.

Mr. Zhang introduced the current status of silicon carbide enterprises in Ningxia and the current situation and development plan of Binhe firstly.

Then Ma County Magistrate made a statement.Firstly, She expressed her welcome and gratitude to the Secretary of the Pingluo County for the visit of Secretary-General Chen and his entourage.Then she texpressed her views on the transformation and upgrading of the silicon carbide industry, green production, innovation-driven, industrial adjustment, etc.and expressed the hope that the association can stand at the height of the industry and help and lead the local silicon carbide enterprises to achieve high-quality development.

Ningxia Silicon Carbide Association Ma Secretary-General said that Ningxia Silicon Carbide Association has been helping silicon carbide enterprises in the northwest region to solve the problem of environmental protection reform in recent years. It has organized a symposium on green production of silicon carbide enterprises and actively Local government communication strives for policy support for corporate environmental protection.

After listening to everyone's speech, Secretary Chen said that the association has always been committed to promoting the healthy and sustainable development of the silicon carbide industry. In the past two years, the association has paid great attention to the green development of silicon carbide enterprises in Ningxia. According to the survey, it can be seen that with the gradual tightening of environmental protection policies, enterprises in the industry are fully aware of the importance and urgency of environmental protection construction. Each enterprise has invested a lot of money and energy from its own actual situation and has carried out different ways. The new environmental protection and renovation projects have achieved certain results. In the future, the association will organize relevant enterprises to study and formulate standards for silicon carbide emission groups, and solve the embarrassing situation that silicon carbide enterprises lack specific standards for environmental protection. It is believed that the silicon carbide industry will break out in the future and move towards a new stage of high quality development.

On the morning of the 11th, Secretary-General Chen and his team concluded the research activities successfully .